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Timothy John Page

Tim Page


1944. május 25.

2022. augusztus 24.

"Every good war picture becomes an anti-war picture." - Tim Page


Timothy John Page (25 May 1944 – 24 August 2022) was a British–Australian photographer. He was noted for the photos he took of the Vietnam War, and was later based in Brisbane, Australia.

By late 1965 Page was sharing a house at 47 Bui Thi Xuan, Saigon, with Leonardo Caparros and fellow correspondents Simon Dring, Martin Stuart-Fox and Steve Northup, known as "Frankie's House" after the resident Vietnamese houseboy. Frankie's House became a social club for a group of correspondents between field assignments and their friends with large quantities of drugs being used there.[7] Page did not shy away from the drug culture he was involved in during his time in Vietnam, devoting a large amount of his book Page after Page to it. In Dispatches, Michael Herr wrote of Page as the most "extravagant" of the "wigged-out crazies running around Vietnam", due in most respects to the amount of drugs that he enjoyed taking. His unusual personality was part of the inspiration for the character of the journalist played by Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now.

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