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The original paparazzi
IL Paparazzo

Tazio Secchiaroli


1925. november 26.

1998. július 24.


Tazio Secchiaroli (26 November 1925 – 24 July 1998) was an Italian photographer known as one of the original paparazzi. He founded the agency Roma Press Photo in 1955.

Secchiaroli was the inspiration for the Paparazzo character in Fellini's film La Dolce Vita. Much of Fellini's research into the profession of tabloid journalism was simply buying dinner for Secchiaroli and his friends, and listening to their exploits.

Ironically, by the time the term 'paparazzi' was coined, Secchiaroli had become more of an insider in the Italian film industry and had left the paparazzi-style attack photography behind. He became well known for informal candid portraits of film stars, both at the studio and at their homes.

Source Wikipedia, Last update 2023.02.28.

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