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Mary McCartney

Photographer, Director

1969. augusztus 28.

"I got a Leica film camera and just started wandering the streets. What really touched my heart were those unexpected and unplanned moments of life observed." Mary McCartney


Tell Your Story with the Leica SL

Mary Anna McCartney (born 28 August 1969) is a British photographer, documentary filmmaker, cookbook author, and Global Ambassador for Meat Free Monday. She is also the host for the Discovery+/Food Network vegan cooking show, Mary McCartney Serves It Up. McCartney is a daughter of musician and singer/songwriter Paul McCartney, and photographer/vegetarian activist Linda McCartney.

Wikipedia, last update 2023.08.31.

Mary McCartney: ‘Finding my own path was overwhelming at times’

The photographer, 53, on handbag superstitions, hugging trees, TV presenting and touring the world with her famous parents

My earliest memory is standing alone in my cot, totally covered in instant coffee. Somehow I got hold of a jar, took off the lid, and spread it all over. Mum and Dad thought I’d slathered myself in the contents of my nappy.

Adventurous is how I’d describe my childhood. Our parents [Paul and Linda McCartney] toured the world, and we went, too. It was full of contrasts. In remote, quiet corners, we’d have nature-filled family time. Then we’d watch them fill stadiums, have our car chased and be stared at all the time. None of us kids found them particularly interesting.

Finding my own path was overwhelming at times. Working out how to make my own mark felt confusing. I loved taking pictures, but assumed everyone could. Then one day a friend showed me her awful holiday snaps and I realised maybe I did have something.


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