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Julia Baier


1971. március 9.

"The loveliest thing is when someone says that my pictures have touched them. I like to hear that they have depth and different levels that can't be expressed in words."


+49 (0)179 500 29 26
Berlin, Germany

Julia Baier is a member of the UP photographers since 2019.
“It was during a lunch break in 2001. At that time I worked as a photographer for a German newspaper and studied at the Art Academy. That particular day, I took advantage of the beautiful summer moment to go for a short swim in a nearby pool.
I was pulled towards the diving platform – my camera in hand. The water was calm, the lanes empty, only two boys jumped tirelessly. A 10-metre diving tower always held great fascination for me. I pay the greatest respect to everyone who takes the plunge. Besides, an elevated point of view allows for a new perspective on things.
On that day one of my favourite pictures was created up there – and it wouldn’t be the last shot of water.
For about 20 years now I have been to just about every place where you can get wet: lakes and beaches, swimming and paddling pools, saunas, hot springs and sentos, from Japan to Hungary, from Iceland to Lithuania. This journey around the globe is my personal anthem to the element of water, and to those who enjoy it as much as I do.
If I am not in or next to the water, you will find me doing portraits for magazines, teaching, traveling with an orchestra, editing images or preparing exhibitions in my studio in Berlin.”

Portfolios 26.03.2015 |

Berlin photographer Julia Baier is known for her timeless images and unusual perspectives. It was in the Suspension series she produced for the special 10x10 exhibition, celebrating Leica Photograph’s 100 year jubilee, that a picture of her backyard appeared for the first time. In a short interview, Baier reveals how this has developed into one of her regular photographic motifs.

Why did you come up with the idea of photographing your backyard?

As is often the case, my pictures are a reaction to something unpredictable. The view from my bathroom window towards the backyard is the first one I see after getting up in the morning. Has it snowed? Or did it rain? What clothes do I have to wear? Is my bicycle still there? Suddenly, one day there was an enormous pond out there, a backyard lake; it drew the sky downwards and magically opened up the backyard. I had to grab my camera immediately. So, every day I look for something new: what’s changed in this microcosm behind my house – whether it’s traces left my neighbours or the traces of time.

If you had a choice, which window would you like to take pictures from?

I’d like to continue taking them from my bathroom window on the second floor of the building – the project is far from boring as yet.

What is the biggest compliment you could be given for your pictures?

The loveliest thing is when someone says that my pictures have touched them. I like to hear that they have depth and different levels that can't be expressed in words.

The series earned her the second prize of the European Award for architecture photography architekturbild 2015. You can find a magazine containing all the photos from the 10x10 exhibition at


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