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Jürgen Schadeberg


1931. március 18.

2020. augusztus 29.

"One of the biggest problems for the photojournalist is that people insist on "performing" for the camera. In fact the camera has literally become a barrier between the photographer and his pictures. Breaking through the barrier to produce honest pictures is essential."


Jürgen Schadeberg (18 March 1931[1] – 29 August 2020[2]) was a German-born South African photographer and artist. He photographed key moments in South African history,[2] including iconic photographs such as Nelson Mandela at Robben Island prison.[3] He also lived, worked and taught in London and Spain, and photographed in many African countries.

His work is held in the collections of the UK Arts Council, National Portrait Gallery, Tate and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Source Wikipedia, Last update 2023.02.23

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