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Daria Werbowy

Fashion model

1983. november 19.

"Words are difficult and photography takes the words away from things." -
Daria Werbowy


Daria Werbowy (born 19 November 1983) is a Canadian fashion model born in Poland. She became a spokesmodel for the French beauty brand Lancôme in 2005. According to Forbes, Werbowy has appeared on over 50 international Vogue covers. Described as a chameleon in front of the camera, nonchalant about her successes, and elusive to the public eye, Vogue considers her the "ultimate muse".


Daria Werbowy shoots and stars in new equipment campaign
​And the result is simply stunning...
i-D cover star and all round super babe Daria Werbowy has bagged herself yet another Equipment campaign, and once again she shot it all herself. Thanks to a selection of carefully crafted wigs, last season the Polish Canadian beauty transformed herself into 11 different characters, from Bob Dylan to Debbie Harry and even her own mum. The season before that she once again dipped into her magic wig box and shot herself in a variety of different guises. This time around, however, there are no wigs, it's just Daria as she is, reflected in different shaped mirrors, and it couldn't be more beautiful. We love you Daria!

last updated 2022.09.04

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