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Robert McNeely

Bob McNeely


1947. december 18.


Robert McNeely (born 1947) is an American photographer, best known for being the Chief Official White House Photographer from 1993 to 1998, during the presidency of Bill Clinton.

Wikipedia, last update 2023.03.24.

Hillary waiting in the wings: Previously unseen photos of Clinton's years as First Lady are released showing her nursing Bill through surgery, practicing on a FIRING RANGE and facing up to scandal
'The Making of Hillary Clinton,' a book of black and white photographs from her time as First Lady was published in January

The photos were taken by Robert McNeely, the White House photographer from 1992-1998
Photographs depict Hillary rearranging decorations, but also sitting in on White House briefings

Hillary Clinton is a public figure who bitterly divides the nation, perhaps more than any other politician, and she has done so since she came into prominence 24 years ago with the election of her husband.

And though she has been twice thwarted in her ambitions to enter the White House as President of the United States, she did live there for eight years, from 1993-2001, as First Lady.

Only a handful of people spent as many hours in close proximity to the Clintons as Robert McNeely, who spent six years with the family as the White House photographer, and whose photographic book, 'The Making of Hillary Clinton, photographs by Robert McNeely'; © 2017 by The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, published by the University of Texas Press, of the former first lady came out in January.

For six years, Hillary Clinton barely noticed his unobtrusive presence, reported the Financial Times.

She has admitted before in speeches that she prefers the 'service' part of public service, compared with the public aspect which she has referred to as a 'necessary evil'. And in that way, it is hard to think of two politicians more different than Hillary and her husband.

McNeely described the former president as someone who craves attention, while his wife does not care if people like her or not, reported the Financial Times.

His book contains the black and white photos that he developed in the dark room of the White House basement, and that chronicle the lives of Bill, Hillary, and their daughter Chelsea.

He followed the first couple almost everywhere, even into their private apartments, and was one of very few to receive an advanced copy of the presidential schedule. The final result is more than half a million photographs, taken from 1992 to 1998.

One tells the story of Hillary Clinton's first event as first lady in which she was seated in the East Room to face the assembled media.


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