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In Memoriam

Harold Stephen Chapman

Harold Chapman


2022 08 19


2022 08 19

"I look back at those days in Paris as the happiest in my life," says Chapman, his voice soft, halting, kind. "I discovered you could live frugally with very little and it didn't affect whether or not you were happy. All the worries people have about the rent, or the income tax, or insurance, had gone. Youth, of course, sees the world in different eyes. I am old, I can't see it the way they see it. But there are ways of existing quite cheaply." SOURCE:

These early experiences informed Chapman’s outlook, and his craft. He told the gallery director Myles Corley in 2017: “You can do what you like if you step out of being too influenced by society and all the rules … I never understood any of them all my life.”

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